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Send customers, beneficiaries, teams, or patients a customized SMS message containing a link to information about local care, services, or products. ShareWhere users can send messages to individuals or groups from the proprietary ShareWhere app or from a customized ShareWhere web portal from any internet-enabled device.

  • Message recipients can use the link sent by the ShareWhere platform to access a Google Maps-based digital map of service providers in their area and the services each site provides. 


  • When a recipient clicks on a link in the discreet SMS message sent by a client-side user who  knows the recipient is in need of additional information, the link opens an enhanced map that displays nearby service providers and verified, detailed information about the services they offer, along with additional information such as the site’s hours of operation and/or quality of services rendered and directions.  


  • Maps update based on location of the recipient’s mobile device. If a recipient forwards the link to a friend in another town, the friend will see a map with information about the sites closest to her or him.


  • Links to maps can also be embedded in web pages, shared on social media, or forwarded by recipients to their friends and family.

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Sender User Interface

Recipient User Interface

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