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About Remote Harbor

Increasing and Improving Secure Access to Health, Social Services, & Commerce

Remote Harbor brings to market the latest in mobile biometric identity access management technology and mapping dissemination technology on behalf of our clients to improve the efficacy, cost efficiency, and scale of health and social impact programs in low-resource settings around the world. In other words, we connect identity, information, and services. 


Our client services include designing custom implementations, licensing for integrations, and developing strategic equitable impact evaluation resources. 

Remote Harbor, Inc. was established in 2009 to address a fundamental need for a mobile longitudinal data management solution that prioritizes secure identity.

The resulting patented solution - RemoteID - enables easy and secure information capture and retrieval, serviceable for organizations ranging in scope of application from healthcare to managing mass casualty events, research, private financial transactions, attendance tracking and much more. RemoteID is currently available for use on most Windows-, iOS, and Android-based computers, netbooks and tablets, and smartphones. 

Remote Harbor provides the service of customizing the RemoteID platform to the needs of its clients, whether that includes building a full data-management system, designing the best data collection tools and survey instruments, or  integrating RemoteID's identification data capture system with an existing back end. 

Our proprietary ShareWhere mapping dissemination platform ensures realtime, geolocated information about essential resources is delivered directly to your beneficiaries, patients, or clients. 

For information about how Remote Harbor can meet your company's needs, please enter your email and any query on our contact page; we will be in touch in short order. 

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