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RemoteID GreenLight: Cannabis POS, Delivery, & Supply Chain Management

Questions arise every day amongst stakeholders across the commercial cannabis ecosystem. Many of those questions seek answers to just how retailers in a highly regulated market will interact with their customers. RemoteID GreenLight addresses many of those challenges in a proven, secure, low-cost, low-friction, and easy-to-onboard solution.

  • Management

    • Supply Chain Management

    • Quality Assurance and Accountability

    • Employee Productivity

  • Know Your Customer Transactions

    • Retail POS

      • Expedited identification/KYC

      • Age verification

    • Delivery

      • KYC

      • Instant Consumer/Age verification

      • Product verification

  • Online or Offline Employee/Customer Enrollment


RemoteID GreenLight never captures, transfers, or stores any images of beneficiary/customer’s fingerprints or other biometric-based identifiers. It’s not connected to any law enforcement or government databases. It simply enables enrolled beneficiaries to interact confidently and easily with their suppliers, and it enables retailers to manage their business with equal confidence and ease.

RemoteID GreenLight integrates into most CRM and ERP packages to enable quick onboarding. Enrolling customers is even easier. It takes less than ten seconds to add a RemoteID GreenLight to a customer profile in retailers’ CRM system. And it takes less than five seconds to identify and/or verify a customer’s identity. No more time wasted by customers taking out their license or other identification, no more time wasted by employees checking age or entering names into a POS/database. Just scan, GreenLight, and go.

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