Health & Social Services

  • manage longitudinal patient & beneficiary records 

  • monitor disease prevalance, incidence, treatment default

  • manage supply chain/cold chain

  • facilitate reporting and accountability processes

Ethical Sourcing & Factory Audits

  • capture anonymous worker sentiment & working conditions

  • monitor safety standards 

  • generate audits for CSR reports to partners, shareholders, watchdog groups

Mass Casualty Event, Humanitarian Response, Disaster Relief, & Human Rights

  • contact tracing and perimeter enforcement

  • monitor unique beneficiary program access or benefit eligibility 

  • identify individuals within a population during emergent service provision

  • maintain authorized individuals within secure perimeter

  • manage supply chain

  • generate real-time, analysis-ready reports to governments, donors

Financial Services & KYC Transactions

  • replace passwords with secure biometric passkey

  • monitor micro-lending and credit programs

  • enable secure management of financial services for the under-banked

  • ensure secure transactions within venue or secure event perimeter

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