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Mobile, Biometric Technology Data Management Solutions

  • OS- and Hardware-agnostic platforms

  • Hybrid SDK/APIs for enrollment (online/offline)

  • Various Templated Code packages & library of custom API integrations and access control (online/offline)

  • Online and offline data capture and retrieval

  • Compatible with existing multiple DBMS

  • Requires NO electricity or connectivity

Reports, Research, & Analytics

  • Customized design of application to deliver tailored reports and relevant analytics



  • Default anonymity eliminates fungible value of data

  • Triple-encrypted

  • Proprietary and patented technology ensures no images of fingerprints/scans are captured, transmitted, or stored, thus protecting beneficiary identity


  • Enables service provision  to unreachable and underserved populations

  • Improve quality of service provision to vulnerable populations


  • Enables to-the-minute, point-of- supply chain management

  • Ensures effective resource allocation

  • Reduces transactional costs


  • Real-time Data access at any point of service

  • Lightweight, low-cost, non-proprietary hardware

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