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What is RemoteID™?

RemoteID™ is a proprietary, customizable wireless identity access management and information-tracking platform that uses fixed biometric traits such as fingerprints, iris, retina, and palmprints to ensure confidential and anonymous remote data management. It was the first mobile biometric-based identification platform designed and optimized for low-resource settings.

RemoteID never captures, moves, or stores images of any biometric traits. 

Why RemoteID?

  • Individuals can’t access vital social services simply and securely.  

  • Governments, NGOs, CBOs, researchers, and private companies need an affordable and secure way to interact with the populations they serve.

  • Lack of secure, anonymous, longitudinal, and cross-site data access in real-time prevents continuity of services for people & increases costs for Governments, NGOs, & the private sector.

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