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Remote Harbor's award-winning data and identity access management solutions, powered by the patented RemoteID platform, are the world's first mobile, biometric-based identification platforms designed and optimized for low-resource settings.  

Our proprietary ShareWhere mapping dissemination platform ensures realtime, geolocated information about essential resources is delivered directly to your beneficiaries, patients, team, or clients. 

"You have created a powerful tool for epidemiology." 
   - Dr. Hans Rosling, physician, statistician, Founder of Gapminder

"Remote Harbor offers low-cost solutions globally for fingerprint identification on computers and mobile devices." - IFC & Mastercard Foundation

Gold Star for Technical Merit

      -2011 International AIDS Society Conference

Outstanding Startup, Healthcare Innovation Lab Showcase
   - 2014 Exponential Medicine Conference / Singularity University

Featured Social Impact technology at SXSW, 2014 & 2015

    - Presented by United Nations Foundation

[ Secure ID & Verification ]

Capture, Retrieve, & Aggregate Beneficiary Data Online or Offline in Real Time

Customized Mobile Biometric Identity Access Management & GIS Solutions

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[ Monitoring, Evaluation  & Reporting ]


Measure Impact of Programs, Interventions, or Population-Level Census Data

Consulting Services

[ Customize or Integrate ]



Customize Biometric-Based ID Data Management Solutions or Integrate into Existing Systems

Consumer Services

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